6th Grade?

Question:I am going into middle school soon and do not know what to expect. Is it fun... or scary?

It all depends on how you want it to be. It may be a little hard to find all the classes at first, but once you get the hang of it you should be fine. I had alot of fun in middle school! Good luck!
It depends on yourself whether it'll be fun or scary.

Learn to give and take is a good thing to know. Don't think less or too high of others. If you meet trouble, ask for help. Don't keep silent.
Im a freshman this year (yayy) but middle school seems to fly by.. its fun. the work load gets heavier but dont worry.. and if your worried about lockers (like i was) they arnt bad lol so you'll do fine!it will be fun! just dont get behind on nwork and be friendly to everyone and you wont get along with everyone but you'll be fine...
Okay, I'm going to be completely honest with you. Middle School was awful! It's an awkward time for most kids 'cause your body will be changing so much. Girls that used to get along will start fighting. Boys will start acting macho. Cliques start to play a bigger role. Classes get harder. Older kids (that think they are sooo. grown up) will call you guys little kids, and they'll probably pick on you. You're gonna experience peer pressure. Just keep your head up and go through it the best you can. High school is MUCH better!
im in 7th grade and im11 i live in new york see i wasnt really scared but the kids where kind of mean so basically i was not scared cuz im studying martial arts actually im not scared of anyone and you shouldnt either
It's all up to you on how easy or fun you want it to be.When I was in 6th grade, it was easy, the teachers were all nice and my classmates were fun to work with and they always made me laugh.So really 6th grade is nothing to worry about, just make sure to study and do your best in school.

-good luck!
its a blast and totally laid back
Im going 2 middle school 2 girl email me ok sexyKiwi56@yahoo.com so we can talk about this
Depends on who u are.
Dont get into problems and dont cause problems.
Mostly against what people call the popular kids.
For Me it was Fun.
Alot Different from Elementary.

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