Are yah ready for school?

Question:I am so ready and can't wait. I've got some banging clothes and the tightest shoe's. Know one can touh this! So why are you ready?

hell yea
the back to school shopping is the best part about this whole school thing
i cant waitt
hell no
umm not but the clothes rock school stinks but for like the first few days its cool!
lol you sound like my friend...She's crazy about clothes and shoes.Anyways yeah...I think I'm ready...
I am going in this week to finish getting my room together, but I'm probably ahead of schedule.
email me at everyday cause i am a conselur(advice giver) i email people everyday so dont forget i will answer your problems
i have some stuff done. i need two more polos yet (dress code) and a few more notebooks and pens and that stuff. i'm kind of excited since i'll be going to high-school, but i'll hate it a month from now.
yea i am =)

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