Am I Weird?

Question:I am sixteen and I have never gotten drunk, never really partied, never had a bf,never hooked up with anyone, never even been kissed. And truthfully I don't really like partying (when I have gone) and I have no wish to hook up with random guys. Is this weird?

No, everybody does themselves, meaning everyone is diff, don't be someone your not, while actually more then 50% of girls are like you, even though it doesn't seem like it...
Babe, you're only 16. You have plenty of time to do stupid things. You;'re not weird -- the rest of the world is, if you belive all the buzz, which I don't.
kind of yeah.i mean some people take a while to get to point where they wanna start partying and stuff it might be that or i dont..or maybe you have low self esteem or something
good for you stay on that track get a good career and then go looking in todays world you dont have to get married and have kids some arent in to it good luck
You're asking if you're weird??
You are soo not weird. You sound like your a very intelligent young woman.
You're 16! You don't need to be doing anything you don't want to do..and you have your whole life ahead of you to do these things if you change your mind.

Stick to what your heart is telling you, and don't be forced to do anything just because some other people your age are doing them.
You're only 16.That's still a kid and if you don't want to do any of those things, then it's fine.That doesn't make you weird, I think that makes you a better person.Most people your age would get a bf or party all day, but you're different.Don't get influenced by other people or feel weird because you're not like them.You're who you are,be proud of that ☺
Actually, you seem to have your head on straight, more so than some of your peers. That's a good thing! Don't fall into the "everybody else is doing it so I should be" category. You don't have to be drinking and hooking up with guys at your age. Just concentrate on school and what you find enjoyable and not worry about what you think everyone else is doing.
I think that is very good! It pays to be modest sometimes, and not just one of those wh**s that hooks up w/ anyone or everyone!
No your not weird. just a good level headed Teen.. there should be more like u.. Your time will come. u know waiting for someone special is important, and it will be that much better when u do find a boyfriend. And partying is fine but over doing it and making a fool of yourself is overrated. the only one enjoying themselves are the people who laugh at the people who make fools of themselves.. I applaude u way to go.
Girl I thing you need to know that boyz is what girls alwayz think about and want to be kissed and hook up. I don't think you are weird, but I think you need to get out and have so fun like party, cause you sound like you need it. Tust it is fun to party.
not at all- b who u r!! i was labeled 'weird' cuz i didn't look like everyone else or do what everyone else did. i did my own thing which made me happy. you sound like ur doing what makes you happy. don't let other peoples' opinons bother you, opinons vary, 'george' could say your weird. but ' sally' thinks your awsome-either way it doesn't matter.. its all in how u see urself. if your happy with who u r- then don't change it for someone else. the most importants persons opninon to you should be your own. if u like to fart in front of people and laugh- then go for it! (j/k LOL) i'm just saying be ur own person, we have enough people acting like everyone else..don't flock with the sheep! do ur own thing or u may loose urself and become one of thise mindless, annoying, waste of oxygen & space 'stupid girls'.Be URSELF...

ok thats my opinon, it doesn't matter but there is it ;)*wink*;)
Look at it this way, while you will have an excellent job, a wonderful husband who was your first love, and living in a great house- all these other kids will be drunk, in jail with DUI's, in their 20th dysfunctional relationship, living in some crappy apartment living pay check to pay check.
Try not to worry about what is weird and normal, and continue doing what will make you a much better adult!
You are not weird you are living the life you are supposed to. Don't ever let anyone make you feel bad about your lifestyle. The teens who make bad decisions will end up with a bad life. Just focus on your school work and your future.

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