Anybody noe this school in sumter sc called ebenezer middle school district 2 if so?

Question:can you give me the 6th grade supply list

no one knows
but on the first day
yourself, binder with looseleaf, pencil and pen
the teachers will give you your supplies
dont worry
You've asked this question a few times, none of us know anything about this school. Ask a parent gaurdian to call the school and ask them, or you can call the school yourself and ask if you'd like. The basics will probably include:a binder, lined paper, pens,pencils, folders, a calculator,and high lighters.

Most likely your teachers will give you lists on the first day of school of specific things you'll need
Umm, I was pretty poor w/ busy parents so I never got the stuff on those supply lists

And I made it through every year w/no problem

Don't fret, this is really no biggie, just have paper, pencils, pens of all colors (like red and black), some colored pencils or crayons, pencil sharpener and yea you should be fine. Maybe throw in a ruler or protractor and you should be all good, if you need something just ask someone to borrow

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