7th grade hard or easy?

Question:i am going into 7th grade and i waz wondering if it waz as hard as i have herd like a ton of homework dont no the right catagorie

same here! im going to the seventh grade also and im wondering if its hard or not. o and i1 more thing is that remember when u went to the sixth grade and u thought it was going to be hard well just imagine having fun! and also there are challeneges but u should already know things i mean think of school easy not hard if u thin of it hard then ur going to worry and u will stay behind of things, so stay happy in school and do ur work but also play and hang out with friends, just chill!
7th grade to me was a really great year. It might be a little harder than 6th grade but it's not a big deal. Just go and have fun with your friends.
i thought 7th grade was easy, and i took Algebra in 7th grade!
wait till you get to college girl! you'll wish you were back in 7th grade!
Every year of your life will have challenges, but you will soon discover the fun of junior high school. If you go in with a positive attitude and always do your best, you will be successful in 7th grade. I taught junior high for 3 years and most kids who do their schoolwork and are friendly with everyone do very well. (Doing well in school leaves your parents happy and makes you feel good about yourself.)
You may find it's a bit different from your lower grades, but 7th/8th grade is definitely rather easy if you compare to high school levels. Don't worry too much, just try to learn as much as you can as well prepared prior to step into high school. Good luck!
Well I'll be in the 10 grade this year, and my 7 grade was pretty good. However, my 8 & 9 grade school years have been the best so far!

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