AAAA HiGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!...

Question::(:(:( nervous. the school is three floors high and im new to it.
is it ok to just sit at a table at lunch and say hi? any advise?

im going to be a freshman too!!
my school is 10 floors high LOL
just talk to anyone i guess, we are all new, nervous and it will be fine
plus people are easier to talk to in the first few weeks because everyone is in the same situation.
I know exactly what your are going through.I went through the same thing my freshman year of high school.I knew no one! I was just myself. People will come to you whne they see that you are just as nervous as they are or they see your cofident and trong about starting a new school. Chaces are you are not the only one who is new to the school. Just go about your business like is just another day at school. Youll do great! Good Luck =)!
Im going to be a freshman too, and Im not really nervous. Our school is 3 floors, but all of the class rooms are in the A shaped part of the building. But then again, our school isn't very huge.

You will make new friends. Be yourself, and if you are going to be in any clubs or sports, you will meet friends there.

Dont be nervous, you will do fine. ; )
Ahhh...the old lunch room issues...what I wouldn't give to be back in that situation...haha. As a military brat I had that problem a lot. Just chill out. Be yourself and stay calm. It's not a big deal. You'll eventually meet people and it's just a matter of time. The worst part is always the first two or three days (seems like a lot but it's not) so just keep your cool and you'll be fine.
First, take a deep breath and relax. There is going to be a whole group of freshman just as freaked out as you are. Go to your school's orientation (if they have one) to learn your way around, if not that have a parent call the school to see if you can go and take a walk around with your schedule to see where your locker and classes are. It is perfectly fine to sit down at any lunch table that you feel comfortable with, I personally do not know of any group that would turn you away. My best advice is to join a club or sport team, you will meet a lot of great people with similar interests and make some great friends. Best of luck!
Chances are you will meet some people in your classes before lunch even comes around. Exchange numbers or set a place to hang out during lunch.
My school also has 3 floors and its a very big campus. It could be intimidating the first few days. But trust me you'll get the hang of it in no time. (Also, if your high school has orientation, go to it. This way you will be familiar with you school before the first day.)
Just remember to be yourself. =) There are always people there who are just as nervous as you are.

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