Alright in high school i made some B's and i 'm worried i cant get in to a good college.?

Question:i made 5 B's and the rest were A's .

You'll be fine. State colleges will accept you with no problem. Work on your SAT scores or ACT scores if possible. Stop stressing.
You're kidding, right? With your grades, you shouldn't have any problem. However, if you have to write an application essay, you might consider using capital letters, accurate punctuation, and spell check.
Study hard for your ACT and keep working on those As. If you don't get into the 4 year college of your choice, you can always attend a 2 year junior or community college and then transfer to the college of your choice... if you continue to get good grades.
u must b kidding?.thats GOOD...better than my report card looked my freshman year (last year)...way better...

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