Am starting secondry school at the end of the hols any tips on how to get off to a good start?

Question:well like a normal kid im going to start secondry school i'm really scared i was quite popular in primary school but am worried now any tips i no to be myself but what if that doesnt work

How cool are you! Just the fact that you've thought about it suggests you'll do okay!
I would suggest:
smile at lots of people - even if they don't look like your 'type'.
They'll be anxious too and its easy to look aloof when you're scared, a smile says you're approachable.
Try not to judge on appearances, not easy, but some of the nicest people I know don't fit the mould of my expectations.
Work wise: slow and steady, do some homework every night, even if its not set, you didn't get to be 5'4" in one night and you wont understand or fly through your exams without putting in the hours. Set the video for your favourite programmes and watch them later!
Have fun!
well... things doesn't always stay the same... you might not be popular this time, but as long as you show your real you, it's ok...
Just be friendly and kind... know your classmates... that's all.:-D
It's very normal to be a bit nervous about starting secondary school, but don't worry! You will probably find that you settle in quickly. After all, everyone is in the same boat, they will all be nervous. The most important thing is to be yourself, so people will get to like you for who you are. Remember to smile at people and be polite and friendly, that way you will soon make lots of friends.
Take every opportunity you can to talk to people - if you are looking for a classroom for example (which probably will happen a bit until you get to know your way around!) then look for it with somebody - these will probably be the people that you stay friends with for a long time.
If you are asked to do group work, then get to know the people you are working with - share your ideas, but make sure you listen to theirs too.
All of these things are important. After you have been there for a few days you will probably wonder what you were worrying about! Hope this helps you, good luck!
beeing yourself will work, secondry school kids can smell a fake from a mile of and they hate them. even though you were popular in your last school dont let that get to you to much and try to stay cool headed.
use spell check for homework
just be yourself and know how to stand up for yourself. always look good no matter what, e.g. wear make-up even though it is against the rules, get some good GHD's etc. and decorate your school uniform.
Don't let the older ones intimidate you, They were wee first years as well. We all have to go through this, and we all managed tae get on with things. When ye get all yer course work ye will have enough tae be getting on with. Concentrate on yer studies and before ye know it, ye will be a big second year pupil. Hope ye don't give the wee ones a hard time!
It will be so different to primary. You won't be the youngest for a start.
step 1 - make good friends
step 2 - stay on the teacher's good sides
step 3 - don't worry
step 4 - remember you're sharing a school with 14 15 16 year olds so don't act like a kid any more.

You'll do fine. :)
Concentrate on your studies that is reduce the number of friends you have and also ask yourself what you want to be after you complete your high school and after every lesson write down what ever you did not understand and during your own spare time go to your subject teacher and ask him/her to explain to you until you understand and ask him/her set questions and you will attend to them at home. Have your own study timetable at home starting with the subjects that you think are a bit hard for you, be faithful to yourself by following your own timetable.In maths you need to practise it not study it and also know the formula's and sequences.
Hi, I remember starting secondary school. I was so excited! Looking back, secondary school was great, although at times back then it didn't feel like it!
Some schools are strict about uniform. Make sure you know what uniform you have to wear, and wear it properly. Somebody said to go against the rules and wear make up etc, but this isn't a good idea when you first start, and most of the other kids will be wanting to make a good first impression and will dress smartly too so don't worry about not looking 'cool.' One girl at my old school got in trouble on her first day for wearing makeup and I don't think that made a great first impression with the teachers!
Most of your first few lessons will involve 'getting to know you' activities I expect, which will give you a chance to talk to your classmates and get to know them. Some of them you'll like, and some of them you might not, but don't be rude or snobby to anyone. Chat to everyone, and you'll find you'll naturally start to spend more time with the people you are similar to, and any nasty ones will probably form their own little group and you won't have to worry about them, and they won't bother you because you'll have always stayed friendly. At break times if you find yourself alone be brave and go up to someone in your class and say hi. I'm sure you wouldn't mind people coming up and talking to you, so remember they won't mind either. Think of some questions you could ask to get the conversation going, such as 'what did you think of that lesson?' 'which primary school did you go to?' 'how are you finding secondary school so far?' Say everything with a smile on your face and people will be happy to talk to you.
Set yourself up with good habits. Find a place to do homework and try to timetable a slot every night, such as as soon as you get in, after dinner, whenever. Try to get into the habit of doing your homework each night. I'm a bit disorganised now because I didn't develop good work habits when I was younger. Trust me, life will seem a lot easier in the future if you get used to doing your homework in plenty of time! Your school will probably give you a diary in which to write your homework. If you don't get time to write down the homework the teacher tells you don't be afraid to ask them after the lesson. Better to do that than to get into trouble in front of everyone for not doing your homework.
You'll discover that some kids don't do their homework, don't bring equipment to school, don't listen to the teachers etc, and they and their little gangs will think themselves cool and might try to persuade others they're not cool if they work hard. Just remember that they won't think themselves cool 10 years down the line when they don't have a nice job or much money. There will be lots of people who do want to do well at school, so be friends with them and be friendly to everyone else but take no notice of things some kids might say.
In years to come you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did, so if there is a school club you think you might like to join then join it! If you can persuade a friend to go all the better, but if not then go along and you'll make new friends there. If you hate it you don't have to go again, but you'll know you've tried, whereas if you didn't then you'll never know if you would have liked it. Also, teachers have a lot of respect for kids who have a go at different things, so if you need help with anything in the future they're more likely to give it to you if you've got a name for yourself for being enthusiastic and having a good attitude towards things!
Good luck, I hope you have a great time at your new school!
I'm going into year 9 so It wasnt that long I first started.

Be cool - don't start freaking out and just be yourself. Fakes don't last long.

Try not to be so immature - Theres older pupils in school, they don't want childish screaming 11 and 12 year olds running all over the place, espically when there doing exams etc.

Don't wear geeky bags/shoes etc - You may like them, but wearing a Bratz bag isnt going to do anything for you. Big chunky shoes are not nice either espically with skin coloured tights. DO NOT WEAR WHITE SOCKS. I made that mistake and got teased by year 10s.
Also, there is no need with a massively big bag, if you school says you must bring a ton of things, most of the time they supply them there.

Don't be overly friendly, such as smiling at random people. People will just ***** and call you a goody-goody.
Sucking up to teachers is a no-no either, listen and learn but don't answer every question the teacher asks and don't hand your homework in early.


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