American schools?

Question:In American schools you have grades, like 4th grade and 10th grade etc.
I go to school in England and always wondered what age you are in each grade so can someone explain the grade system to me.

In the Uk we have like Year 7, Year 8, etc up to year 11. So what age would you be in each grade.


The minimum age for beginning school varies from State to State and even from district to district in some states.

To begin Kindergarten this fall in our district, a child must be 5 by July 1, 2007. This "cut off" date is arbitrary and subject to change, and the variance is wide between districts, from June 1 on the early end all the way to mid October on the late.


K = 5 turning 6 during the school year
1 = 6 turning 7
2 = 7 turning 8
3 = 8 turning 9
4 = 9 turning 10
5 = 10 turning 11
6 = 11 turning 12
7 = 12 turning 13
8 = 13 turning 14
9 = 14 turning 15
10 = 15 turning 16
11 = 16 turning 17
12 = 17 turning 18

That is the general system. There is also a "maximum" age by which a child must be enrolled in a public or private school or registered as a "home school" student or the parents can be charged with educational neglect. People actually go to prison for not educating their children. Here, that age is 7. Kindergarten is not required here but is provided by the state.
1 grade = 7 year old
2 grade = 8 year old
11 grade = 17 year old
12 grade = 18 year old
In second grade, you are 6 going on 7. If your parents let you mature a bit before you started school, you would be 7 going on 8 but not usually. Most second graders are 7 years old. Each grade goes up or down by 1 year so a first grader is 6, a kindergartner is 5. It goes to 12Th grade when you graduate,
i started kindergarten when i was 4, turning 5. i graduauted high school when i was 17. i was a year earlier than most kids in my grade though. most kids start kindergarten around 5 or 6. first grade around 6 or 7 and so on. most graduaute high school at 17-18.
Ohh.. So in 7th Grade you're about 13.. So it's like Year 8 ?! Confusing huh ! I thought they just matched (EG. 7th grade - Year 7).. Whoops!
Most schools mandate that a child has to be 5 by a certain date to start kindergarten in the fall. That being said you can figure that kids are
K 5-6yrs
Gr.1 6-7yrs
Gr. 2 7-8yrs
Gr. 3 8-9 yrs
etc etc
Most kids have a birthday in the middle of the school year, but here is what it looks like:

Kindergarten- 5 turning 6
1st grade- 6 turning 7
2nd grade- 7 turning 8
3rd grade- 8 turning 9
11th grade- 16 turning 17
12th grade 17 turning 18

...Also, some kids are held back around kindergarten and 1st grade, so they would be a year older than the rest of their classmates.

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