AS Level exams?

Question:How many AS exams do you sit in the summer? roughly 2-3 per subject, I believe?

Do you get separate grades for each AS exam or do you get one grade for the subject, eg if you sat 3 exams for English Literature, would you get 3 separate grades or one grade for the whole thing?

You have to take 4 AS Subjects. The number of exams you takes depends on the subject itself. For example, in A level LAW, there are 3 Units, so there are 3 exams in the course. One usually in january, and the other two in June.

You do get seperate grades for each exam but they're not the "real" grade. The real and overall grade is of the whole thing i.e AS LAW - grade B.

Say if you got a Grade E in your AS LAW exam in january, but got A's in your two exams in June, you overall AS grade is likely to be an A-B. (in that boundry)

I hope that makes sense.
your thick
you sit 5 AS levels and then go onto sit 3 A levels. you get a grade for each subject
english language
engish literature

these are classed as 2 different subjects so you sit 2 different exams and therefore get 2 seperate grades.
it all depends on the subject to how many as-levels its worth and how many exams you take. e.g applied science is worth 2, but you only take 1 exam. for french or german you take 4 exams but it is only worth 1 as-level. mostly though, all your exams just make up 1 as-level.
It depends on the subject really. i sat 7 exams over 4 subjects in the summer plus 2 in january so 9. You get one overall grade for the subject which is the grade you take to A2 level but the exams are marked as separate papers and get grades. the "raw" scores are then added up and a total grade is decided.

So for example i took AS law in the summer which was 3 exams. Paper 1 i achieved 70/100 (B grade), Paper 2 - 50/100 (D Grade) and Paper 3 was 80/100 (A Grade) the marks were added up to make a total out of 300 (200) which when you look at the mark table is an overall grade C. (min mark for a C is 180. To get a B total mark must be 210 or above)

I took 4 AS subjects and when you get your results you get to see the results you got on each of the papers but you get one overall grade for each subject.

Im going on to take 3 A levels
e.g if you sat 3 AS exams for english literature. meaning unit 1, unit 2, unit3 you will have a single grade for the whole three units.

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