At my new school me and my friends sit on the grass at lunch...?

Question:but the grass is REALLY wet...and we want some kind of blanket to sit on so we don't get dirt on our legs...what kind of blanket should i bring that won't get all muddy?

What you really want is the NeatSheet.
It is soft and cloth-like, yet water repellant. It folds relatively thin so you can store it in your locker without taking up much room.

Our family uses these for camping, at the beach, for picnics, almost anywhere you want to put something on the ground but still keep it clean. I have found them at Walgreens and the grocery store. Sometimes they are by the paper products, or else by the outdoors supplies.
Suck it up, it doesn't matter if the grass is wet, it is just a little dirt, it won't kill you

If you are worried about getting your clothes dirty wear a paper bag
get a plastic tarp to sit on and then you can just wipe that off with a paper towel or something
try some kind of polyester blanket or just go on ebay and search "waterproof blankets"
Put a tarp under the blanket and then put a blanket on the tarp...that should help! GOOD LUCK. =]
Any blanket. Or maybe try the cafeteria? They have tables.

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