~~~Why are there pretty much no field trips in high school?~~~?

Question:I mean, we still need hands-on learning! Let's go to the aquarium and look at sea cucumbers! lol I really miss it...The teachers always say it's hard, because they're on a budget...If that's so, then why could they afford it in elementary school?
It's a little fishy...

Does anybody else miss field trips? My mom went on almost all of my field trips back in the day. =) Oh yeah...remember OPEN HOUSE? That was the coolest too! Oh dear elementary school...

cause all the money usually being spent on field trips is getting saved for prom... or they're just spending it on the marching band like they do at my school. (hee hee hee...) try joining another activity, such as band, cheerleading, whatever, and you will get to go on a lot more trips. Who knows, that class may get to go watch sea cucumbers! =)
i loved field trips too!
im in the same grade and i asked the vice principal.

he said "You and thee other students are almost adults now! When you go to work you don't get field trips!"

also its not cheap! there are sooooo many people at high school!
Because high school prepares you for college. College doesn't give you field trips either.
Field trips get annoying for teachers at the high school level since you most likely will have several teachers and will need to get their permission to go. Plus high schools don't like funding field trips.

P.S We have Open House
People in avid go on field trips to visit colleges
The high school I work in discourages field trips because it is costly (most elementary schools have more parent groups to support, volunteer, donate), increased liability issues, and they want us in school to stress the importance of preparing for standardized tests.
haha yeah i know i miss field trips too. I think high schools use more money to do things with computers and stuff more than elementary school. in elementary school we never used the internet all we did was practice little typing games. so that could be one reason.

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