Are public schools best in Europe, Canada or the USA?

Question:Where are the academic standards highest, in general, when it comes to public schools (elementary, high school - not college)? Have European standards come down over the years?

There are good schools all over.

However, in general, public schools are best in Europe. I think the US is last out of the First World countries. We graduate kids from high school all the time who can't even read. How can that be "high" standards?
It is still Europe
ive been in school at all those places. and i have to say Europe is the best.
the program is so much stronger, and the academic standars are deff. highest over there. and thats why europeans are so much smarter
maybe what are you saying definitely truth.
i've gone to school in both europe and the united states and i'm not gonna lie the work ethic is much higher in europe. school is way more disciplined and the work load is tougher.
The best standards are not in the US...we are sadly deficient in the key areas of math and science.and many of the teachers in US schools are not able or trained adequately to even teach their assigned subjects. Restoring disipline in the schools would be a good start toword achieving a truely educated student upon graduation..
I dont know but public schools are pretty bad in my area but i went to a private school in Europe for a year.

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