At what time is best to study morning and night?

Question:and how do you know?

NIGHT or at least after school in the evenings or something.
Studying in the morning is worst because it's when your mind is kinda blank cause you just wook up.And at night your mind is still fresh and you can study better.But not too late because then you need to sleep.
for me studying at night is better. im not a moring person at all. I cant get my self to concentrate in the morning. i usually exercise or run errands in the morning to afternoon anyway. at night things calm down and i can relax and start studying. there is no specific time thats best to study. it is different for everyone. some people may prefer morning. is it easy for u to stay up late doing homework or is it easier to wake up early and do your homework?
Night I would say so that your brain can process it right away
it really works if you study right before you go to bed. like say if you have to memorize a poem read it over a couple times right before you fall asleep it will help

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