Are you allowed to bring your backpack inside class?

Question:Just wondering, is my district the only district that won't permit you to bring your backpack inside classes? This stupid rule really frustrates me. It causes so many conflicts and restrains my time and has almost made me tardy several times because my locker is so far away and the hall is so jam packed it's hard to move during a 5 minute passing period.

We can't either. It is sooo frustrating. I always forget pencils and when we could have backpacks, I could just reach down and get one. But I can't anymore, so now I have to carry around like 2-3 hours worth of textbooks because I only have 4 minutes in passing. Its ridiculous.
They aren't allowed in our classes either, but we have a 6 minute passing period with 3,000+ students.
No, and it's stupid! we only have a 3 minute passing period, and half my classes switch from one side of the school to the other!'s frustrating!
yes, my district we have to, we dont have lockers
I think your district is only one that has that stupid rule.
my old school didnt but im going to a new school this year. your right, it would be so much easier to have your backpack with you in class...
i am i live in ohio
they wont let me and we have a 3 min. passing period they only let the high schoolers and im in middle school!! i just grab my books for like 2 periods at a time
Yep. My district is allowed too. In 4th grade, my teacher made us keep our backpacks outside for some more room in the classroom. If we needed to get something from our backpacks outside, we had to raise our hand and ask.
yah but in 3 years they wont that really stinks
Yes, we're allowed to bring our bags with us. My photography teacher two years ago threatened to make us leave our bags out in the hall after some expensive equipment was stolen. It was returned, though, so we never had to.
no, and it really bothers me too- we only have four minutes between classes, and sometimes people's classes are all the way across the school- it can take 4 minutes just to get to your locker.

and we can't even bring our backpacks on the last day of school, and on the second last day of school, we get backpack checks.

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