Am about to start high school?

Question:I'm kinda scared though you got any advice to cool me down. I'm takin drama and spanish2 as my electives!! HELP!!

Doesn't everyone feel that way? I certainly did. What a surprise to find out it was the most fun thing of all. You'll love it.
I was scared to death too. Everyone was telling me that I would probably get initiated by the older kids. I was afraid of what they might make me do. Turned out I didn't have to do anything.
Drama and Spanish 2 huh? "what about spanish 1?"
Anyway, Drama was cool. We did alot of role playing exercises. I remember the shy kids who hardly ever spoke a word, would do these big dramatic scenes. I didn't know they had it in them.
Seems like yesterday I was in High School. Now my daughter is starting 2nd grade this year and my younger daughter will start kindergarten next year. YIKES
trust me, theres nothing to worry about. its not much different from starting junior high.
i had a horrible time with Drama...i suggest you drop it.
I was also really nervous right before starting high school. But right on my first day I discovered that it really wasn't as big of a deal as I thought it was.

You may find some classes to be pretty difficult. Most of my classes were easy, but I did have one class that I found particularly hard because the teacher was awful. Through your high school years it's pretty much a sure thing that you're going to have at least one terrible teacher whose teaching style can negatively affect your grades. What will help in such cases is to take notes on everything they say, copy down all diagrams that they write on the board, and put extra study time in for whatever class that is. It will also help to do some research of your own on a particular topic that your teacher wants you to study so that you can gain a full understanding of the topic at hand.

Socially, it may be difficult or easy for you to make friends. I'm pretty shy and I still managed to make friends. It all depends on who you meet. The more outgoing you are, the more people you'll meet and the more friends you'll make. Joining clubs can help you make friends outside of your classes.

If you're going to a school where you don't really know anyone then it can be awkward when lunchtime rolls around. However, I didn't know anyone at my school and I still managed to find people to sit with. People from my classes who were in th same boat as me (didn't know anyone at the school) recognized me and decided to join me. That's actually one way I made friends.

In 9th grade I also took Spanish II. It was pretty easy because Spanish I got me ready. To remember new words it can help to make lists of Spanish words with their english equivalents side by side. It will also help to have visual representations which your book will most likely have. Just think of Spanish II as a slightly more advanced version of Spanish I - it's not that hard, but there are some new things you'll have to get used to and will take time to learn.

If your school is like my old high school, then you should meet some fun people in Drama. The type of kids who signed up for Drama in my school were the fun dorky types who were relaxed and liked to be themselves. Taking drama can also help you be more open and make it easier for you to talk in front of crowds.

If you have tests then you should make sure to study at least an hour for the test. If you have a big test coming up, then it's good to study in intervals, about 15-30 minutes a day, every other day, or every two days (that is, if it's at least a week+ away). If doing well on the test relies partly on notes, then it's a good idea to compare notes with a friend who is also taking the class. They may have something that you missed.

Organization is slightly important in high school. If you accidentally bring the wrong folder to class, your teacher may not be so forgiving. To have your locker organized well you should have the notebooks, folders, books, etc... for each class set together. So if you have an English folder and an English book, keep those side by side. You can also organize your locker from left to right in order of the classes you have during the day. For example

English 1st period - left side of locker
Math 2nd period - To the right of English
Spanish 3rd period - To the right of Math

and so on.

That's all I can really think of.
Oh, gosh, don't worry! I was scared too, because my 8th grade teacher completely freaked me out about seniors stuffing you in lockers, and all that crap. But obviously, NONE OF THAT IS TRUE. Believe it or not, most seniors are really nice, and can be helpful. And trust me, high school is a lot better, more enjoyable than middle school. I mean, with no doubt, there is more work, but you get more freedom, more opportunities to interact with other people, and it's just.better. You'll love it, trust me. I'm not kidding at all.
good luck, and I'm sure you'll have a great time!
At my school, the Drama kids were probably the most tight-knit. You'll be fine.

What are you scared of? It's just like middle school except bigger and guys have facial hair.

Just try to get to your classes and you'll be okay.

Oh, and do your homework.
those were exactally the same electives i got. Drama can be LOADS of fun but also stressful so don't think it's a peice of cake and let is slide. You have to give it all you've got in that class just like any other, and REALLY pay attention is spanish. Dont let anybody distract you. just focus and you will be fine.
It is not bad at all. Once you start school you will be fine because you will make new friends and you have all of your old friends to help you get used to it to
Dont worry they might not look it but all those other 9th graders have a lot of fear too. I am scared out of my mind! They are probally as scared as you are my dad told me to find another scared freshmen group up find your classes togehter and you might also make a friend

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