Are kids in high school nicer or more mature than middle school?

Question:Im wondering cus im going into high school and Im not sure if these upper-classman are gonna be jerks or is it mostly nice guys? Please help me

lol there are both some are much more mature and really nice and some are worse their completelyyyy immature and belong in 2nd grade lol so choose your friends wisely i'm sur eyou'll be fine though!!
some r gonna be more mature n some r gonna be jerks n some r gonna act all that
im also going to high school.u will get jerks and some nice people, mostly nice ppl though. Im not worrying too much cuz i really couldn't care what any1 thinks of me, especially if its just some stupid random girl that i dont know and can only get attention by being mean to others...anyhow im sure there'll b alot of nice guys...just b urself and dont live up 2 anyones expectations..
I liked high school SOO much better than middle school. In middle school there is alot less people and in high school all the grades are basically meshed together. So alot of the "popular kids" in your grades wont be as important in highschool. There are alot of jerks in high school but there are alot of people to make friends with to. You just have to be very confident. Get involved in a sport. Make good decisions and have fun!
both. some guys are gonna be really immature and others are cool. it's cool in HS because the grades mesh together more, so you'll make friends with some older kids probably and they won't turn out to be as bad as you think. just don't sweat it.
most kids mature as they get older so they will definitely get better in high school. however, there are always a couple kids in each class that will always remain goofs or jerks so you just have to somehow deal with them lol
Up year 10 boys are immature then the boys settle down to more serious study. Its the hormones playing around.Just choose your friends wisely and you will be okay.
it varies! like..there are kids who have matured...and others..who are still immature! soo it'll find out once you meet them :D
Most of the time the kids in high school are more mature and nicer than middle school kids.
Yes, kids are mostly nicer and more mature in high school than in middle school, especially the upperclassman. The cliques are not such a big deal and people generally get along more with others, so it's easier to find friends outside of your main group
oh definitally more mature but ther are some butt holes lol just ignore them and you will be fine

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