Are there rules for your kids in school with regard to how many times they can go to the restroom?

Question:My son just went back to school (rising 4th grader) - he is allowed to go to the restroom before school, during lunch and after school.
Any more trips, he needs a pass which he can only use 3 times per quarter. After these have been used, he basically gets punished with time off recess or silent lunch. Have you ever heard of such a thing? This is a private Christian school.

I have heard of things like this but personally I think it is ridiculous, especially for elementary school kids, I go to a public school and my restroom use was never limited.
How can that be legal? Denying kids the right to their own bodily functions? No public school could ever get away with that. That's the scary thing about private schools, they can make up their own rules about discipline, what to teach, etc.
And by the way, I'm sure if you made a fuss about it they would back off and try to tell you that it's just to deter kids from leaving class every day to goof off.
The key word is "private school". Private schools can pretty much set and enforce any rules they wish. While I have never heard of such a thing specifically, most teachers try to keep bathroom trips to a minimum in any class as the coming and going is disruptive. If you have issues with this, address them to the administration (not the teacher as likely has no control). If you find this to be totally intolerable, you always have the option of looking for another school.
Never heard of far as I'm concerned...that's abuse. Good luck with that.
dang you should definitely right a letter of complaint to the district plus a petition. FREE THE PEE!
no ive never heard of this ... we dont even use passes in our country ... if you need to go you go
Hey! I remember teachers doing that practically every year in elementary school. It really wasn't fair, because some kids just had small bladders! I mean, what do they want the kid to do-pee his/her pants? Common! lol And...know what's really funny? The teachers are still punishing kids for bathroom breaks in high school!

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