9th Grade Supply List?

Question:Im about to go into the ninth grade and I haven't recieved a supply list yet. My mom says the teachers willl tell me what the need on the first day, but I just wandering what you guys thought if you already went to the ninth grade.

Your mom is right, the teachers will tell you what you need, but here are some general things:
Blue, Black, and Red ink Pens (yes all three)
Either notebooks, a binder, or a paper holder, sometimes a combination of the three depending on the classes you are taking
Pencil Bag
Colored Pencils
Some kids like book covers but personally I don't
rubber cement
loose leaf paper

hmm I think that is a good start, but you will have to get more specific when school starts. good luck!
Your school should have a website that will list the supply list...but i didnt think high schooler's get supply lists.
They don't give a list in high school. If you need something specific for a class, your teachers will tell you, but you should have already bought the basics. That includes:

notebooks/looseleaf paper
3-ring binders (if you would use them)
pens and pencils (PLENTY of them!)
index cards
colored pencils (you may need them for maps in a SS class)

if you are taking a foreign language, I suggest a Spanish-English, German-English, etc. dictionary.
When I was about to become a 9th grader, the school didn't send me a list either. It's because everybody takes slightly different classes, and they can't make a generic supply list for all the students. Your teachers will tell you on the first day of class what you'll need.

It's a pain, though, because you have to go out on the first day of school and pick through the last of the school supplies, cuz most people have already bought out the stores...

I would just get a few general things beforehand, at least, so you're not spending your entire first day of school shopping, when you already have about eight syllabuses to read through and sign.
I usually wait until the first day of school to buy all of my stuff because all my teachers provide lists. Don't worry, you're teachers aren't going to hit you if you don't bring anything on the first day. They usually go easy on the freshmen. ;]

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