7th grade retreat activities?

Question:I'm helping to plan a retreat for 7th graders. The focus of the retreat is the holy spirit. Does anyone have any ideas for activities that we could do with them (games, crafts, etc) that aren't too juvenile?


i am actually a student rep at my church and we are planning our summer retreat also. this year, we've recieved alot of input from all points of view in the church. you should contact the camp place to see what activities they have already, like archery, pingpong, a swimming pool, and if they have a big field or not.

its going to be really hot so we planned the first day to be outdoor games and second day indoor games, and 2 sessions of free time where kids can do whatever they want.(hs students) activities such as swimming and football should be in freetime since not all will participate but funstuff and easy games like putting a spin on scavenger hunts and paper balloon catch..

another suggestion is making skits. theyre really fun and set a prize so that people are motivated to make good skits that follow the theme and help them.

thats all

i forgot to remind u. try to think of activities that everyone will enojy and take part in. =]

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