At what age should children have reading down? Are at least able to read a basic book?

By the end of third grade children should have reading down and should be reading mostly chapter books. In first and second grade they are learning how to read and in third they are applying those rules and learning a few more. By 4th grade they are reading to learn and should be fluent and mostly independent with their reading.
Well, I really don't have a source. But it depends on their capability to learn. It should probably be in primary school 1st or 2nd grade. Based on my own knowledge. I'm just a teenager. But as they develope writing general words or sentences. They should be able to read sentences.
That probably depends on your state's school policy. I think most states introduce reading in kindergarten, so I would say by first grade they should be able to read simple books ( the kind with big letters and pictures).

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