Are there any other 9th graders freaked out about high school?

I just graduated from high school. Best years so far although i hear college tops it. You are going to be fine -- just a friendly word of advice...KEEP YOUR GPA UP. If you start making the grades senior year, it won't happen. Junior year will be your hardest year academically. Freshman year is a blast, but senior year is the best. Have a GREAT school year, and don't dwell on drama and petty fights. You are going to love it.
There's no reason to be freaked out about high school.
The teachers like 9th graders best because they're new faces.
im not really freaked out but a little nervous. my thing is i freaked out about middle school and then it turned out perfectly fine and wasnt that hard of a transition so im hoping high school will be a similare transition.
I was when I was starting high school. I was a little intimidated by the upper classmen. But dont be. Its just like any other school, except with more foul language, more difficult classes and a few more privileges. Its actually quite fun! Youll warm up to it quickly!
Just think that it's just another year in middle school and you'll be fine
You are about to enter the most exciting 4 years of your school career. It's scary at first, but you will love it within time. Keep up with your work, try to make new friends, and enjoy your time.
i ain't buddy.
YES. I'm freaked out and SO NERVOUS. I'm going to school with my best friend, her boyfriend and my boyfriend but I won't be having any classes with them. I'm just scared to get lost and be late to class.
hey your almost the same as me i went to a private school all my life. um i am a little nervous but i am still excited.i bet you will make friends

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