Are online degree's worth getting?

Question:I really wanna go to school, but going on campus everyday isn't possible for me, so online would be ideal. Thoughts please, thank you in advance.

I imagine it would depend on what type of degree you are looking for. Though there are great on-line schools, like the University of Maryland and the University of Phoenix, many professional environments are looking for degrees from physical schools.

Attending a classroom environment is much more stimulating and thought provoking, ergo more educational, because of the give and take, and sharing of insights. With on-line classes, you generally just do the course work without input from other students or interaction with the instructor.

If you are looking for certification in a certain field that doesn't require hands-on training, an on-line degree may be ideal for you.

The benefit of both is that in either case you will learn. Education is life, in my opinion. Good luck, and make sure you find a good accredited school. There are lots of charlatans out there.

You can research schools at
Yes, online degree is the best option /solution if you can't consistently go to school. Try to surf the net for the best online schools and pick the degree of your choice.

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