I want to do better in math and science and expression and i made all A's this quater...but the item is that I want to mak all a's this quater too but also i m moving i also want to enjoy some fun these last days @ academy with my friends.And i also want to bring in new friends here...but I dont know how too.I M REALLY DEPRESSED and low bout that...i need serious assist!HELP ME PLEASE!
and i want my teachers and friends to dream up i m smart too...but i have no time to do n e entity after school i m other just doing hmwork...or worrying bout arts school...its sooo irritating..and i want to make latest friends @ my new university too..,but i dunno how...i m really hypered all the time i suppose every1 hates me @ academy.AND i have GYM!!
i can just breathe when running...WUT Should I DO? and i m also worried about me too...wut if i build a bad class i mean everytime i sort a bad level i m allways..just starting to cry..I HATE THAT.
i dont want cry i want :-] be ecstatic...

Answers:    in demand to make spanking new friends just be yourself they'll be coming around sooner or after that , it takes a while.
almost that Gym prob you have to cope beside it sorry I hate it too btw but I am trying cuz whether I approaching it or not I have to do it!
only just studyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but don't stressed yourself lol cuz I think u r right presently !
I have a hyper friend too but we're really close to respectively other like a sister!!!!
save smiling! =]
2) Join clubs. Just because you get A's doesnt close-fisted you will get into university near scolerships. You have to know how to write stuff in your porfolio. Homework isn't nearly everything.
3) Yes, i hate gym too. I passed it near a 56, so be happy.
4) other be happy =D
similar to OMG you live in Cary north carolina! OMG! i live within greenville what a coincident.

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