2007 Maths AS Level Exams?

Question:Can anyone tell me how many Maths AS exams were there this year?

I'm taking AS Math for the Oct/Nov 2007 session, and I know that there are two papers (for the CIE syllabus): Pure Mathematics 1 (Paper 1) + one of these three:
-Mechanics 1 (Paper 4)
-Probability & Statistics 1 (Paper 6)
-Pure Mathematics 2 (Paper 2)
depending on which route you take to AS Mathematics

There is only one exam for each paper in each exam session (and there are two exam sessions per year: one in May/June and one in Oct/Nov).
(I hope this is what you mean)
Note: the syllabus and papers will differ according to your examining board. Check out the website of your examining board; here are some:
well, there is the calculator and non...and i think there is another exam as well, unless i am thinking of statistics.
I think there were 3. either way everyone in my school failed
Well i did Maths at AS Level.

I sat Pure Core 1, Pure Core 2 & Mechanics.

Some people at my college sat the satistics paper instead i know that there is a decision maths paper aswell.

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