5 proofreading methods that can improve your writing?

One way is to read it out loud to yourself. You'd be amazed at how many errors you will find!
read it out loud&have someone else read it incase they catch something that you didnt
Read it out loud definitly.
Get someone else to read it.
Read it for different things i.e. read your writing first looking only to make sure that what you said makes sense. Then read it again only looking for grammar errors. Than read it again to make sure your punctuation is correct etc.

It make look like it takes a long time but by focusing on different aspects each time it really really helps.
Pick up an "Associated Press Style Guide" for reference (it contains punctuation guides, frequently misspelled words and usages, etc.).

Read your writing out loud. If you stumble verbally, odds are it isn't written correctly or in a coherent way.

Know that Spellcheck isn't perfect. It doesn't know every word in the world (or names, of course) and also doesn't know if a word is misspelled if you've typed it in as another word (for example: you meant to write "tall" and accidentally typed "tale").

Read a lot. Familiarize yourself with the flow and the style of writing you want to do (magazine, news, feature, etc.).

Make notes as you proofread of the things that you often do incorrectly. It will help you recognize them and keep you from repeating them.

That's five!

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