Any freshman excited for highschool?!?

Question:i am!! wut about you??

yes :) i was nervous at first, but now i'm really excited. i hope it's better than middle school

i'm especially excited for all the sports and clubs and stuff.
yeah, middle school sucked.
excited, and nervous, and lonely, and curious. i keep wondering what everybodys gonna be like. im gonna be seperated from more than half of my friends, cause we all went to a choice school b4 (so we all are gonna be going to different highschools).so that sucks. but im mostly looking forward to it!
Well ima be a junior. Let me just say that its better than middle school, its really fun, dont be scared and nervous lol even though I was. Youll meet alot of people there. And you might get picked on by everyone. The freshmen always get made fun of at my school lol.
excited anxious and nervous ~ WOOT!
I am a Junior and when i first started high school i was so excited and nervous but when i got there i found out that all freshman are treated like crap from the upperclassman but it is better than middle school
Lol. I'm excited for my 2nd year at high school. (High school starts in grade 8 for most people in BC) You get more opportunities and stuff...but the work is harder.

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