Ahhhh!! This is so frustrating, s'il vous plait help me out.?

Question:Please help me out. I am a high school junior who might have to drop french 3 or band because it does not fit into my schedule. The only time I can take french is during third period because my school eliminated all french programs since most people around here speak spanish (we are being taught by a spanish teacher cause our french teacher was fired). The only time band is offered is 4th period.
Also, the only time that I can take pre ap physics is either 3rd or 4th period. I was wondering if you know of any on-line french 3 classes that are available for me to take.
Just to let you know, I am aware of the Texas tech french classes on-line but I can't take them cause they only offer french 1 and 2.
The nearby colleges also only offer french 1 and 2.
I live in Texas please let me know if you know of any on-line french 3 classes so that I don't have to change my schedule.

Texas Virtual School
It does cost money but they do have French 3 !
The money gets you a workbook and it costs 350 this is for the workbook and the teacher$
If you don't need credit classes, there are a couple of names listed in the "France-Amerique" newspaper:
http://www.jump-gate.com/languages/frenc... or u could buy some type of softwear for ur computor, they shouldnt be that hard to find.
desoler de savoir que tu ne peut plus prendre de classes de Francais moi aussi je suis au Texas mais je ne connait aucun endroit ou tu peut enprendre. Mais va online et cherche, mais surtout bonne chance.
Take it in summer school.

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