7th grade science projects?

Question:My daughter is interested in someday becoming a doctor and would like to do a science project having to do with the human body or bacterial growth. Does anyone have any truly interesting ideas? Last year we tested individuals on how different types of music affected one's ability to complete tests on reading comprehension, math, and mazes. Although it was interesting, it required the help of too many respondents. I would like her to do a project that does not require the help of any other people, such as the one she did last year. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

In middle school, I tested the effectiveness of moutwash at inhibiting bacterial growth. I grew bacteria from my mouth and plated it on agar. Then, I added different brands of mouthwash and looked at which brands inhibited the most growth. You could also have your daughter collect bacteria from various places and grow them and try to identify them. Hoped that gives you some ideas.
what about a project about the differences between bacterial and viral diseases and why it's so hard to get rid of a virus in the human body than bacteria? like... influenza for example is a viral disease...

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