Are you good in your studies?

Question:What's your favourite subject, why do you like it and are you good in it?
Well, im just good at the language subject [english and malay]
but weak in the other subject especially maths and physics..

I like biology and drawing, and i might be pretty good at them, but i'm weak in maths, physics chemistry history ...
Yes, pretty good.
I love classic literiture. I love math, English and gammer is so fun! Law is great! I love studying.
Math is my favorite... there's always a right answer and more than one way to get it. English lit is so subjective! It's not a favorite.
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well my favorite subject is Biology and Maths but I am weak in Ethics
Yeah..quite good..especially in Bahasa, English and History..
Those 3 are my favourite..
i love learning new things, my fave subjects have always been english, science and german. but ive never been good at maths because i cant add up or subtact, times or divide or anything like that without a calculator.
I'm the same way, but usually at the end of the year, its the opposite. I'm usually very good at science and english, and just ok in math.
science was my favorite last year.
i did really well in that subject.
next was history even though i
barely payed attention.
i'm ok in math and la though.
my fav. subject are math, history, english and science. hmmm, why do i like it?-cos it's fun and interesting i suppose. i'm definitely very good at it!
well then, you know i love english especially about literature...good or not good ..depends on my test's far so good..HEE-HEE.
my favourite subject is maths and i like it because it is very challenging and requires high thinking and not to blow my trumpet i am very very very goood in it
my fav subject will go to culture,like to know bout' ohters culture,then we'll the people better..but i only got A- for this subject,its though but fun..well,learning is always fun rite
I like english and im interested in spanish im taking it this year in grade 10 =)

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