10 year high school reunion?

Question:At the resort, they have a beach area. Whats a guy to do... I dont have the "six-pack" stomach. Do ladies really laugh inside there heads when a guy takes off his SHIRT ?

No, nice ladies don't laugh, even on the inside.

Everyone has some amount of body issues, I imagine at some point, all of these people on the beach wondered how their looked in the their suit...

Anyways, if you feel really uncomfortable, leave a t-shirt on.
Just realize that you aren't going to be the only there who doesn't have a "six-pack" stomach. You might be surprised at the men & women who have put on weight since high school and some of the men will be losing their hair already. Just go, be yourself and have a good time. If, after you get there, you don't feel comfortable without a shirt, then leave it on. Make that judgement after you see everyone else.
Ladies who are comfortable with themselves will not laugh on the inside (or outside for that matter) at anyone. I have my 10 year coming up, so I know how you're feeling. Just be confident in who you are on the inside and outside, and you will be just fine.

Have a lot of fun!
No, NICE girls dont laugh...it shouldnt matter to them what you look like without your shirt on...they should be happy to see you after 10 years...so go and have fun...
No nice girls don't laugh. I imagine if any of the ladies have had children they will have stretch marks, fat, etc on them too. Besides it doesn't matter. What matters is going and being yourself and having fun!!

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