1st Day of High School Tips?

Smile, talk to many new people, make eye contact with your teachers and come prepared (pencils, paper, pens, etc.), ask for help especially if lost and learn to take deep breaths and laugh at yourself...you'll find that comes in handy. After school plan something fun. Hang out with a familiar face or watch a good movie. You'll need something to look forward to after a very nerve racking day. =)
Don't try to act cool. Be yourself. Escape your "bubble" and meet new people. Ask for help. Remember, others have been in your position.
Don't be a douchebag. Just be yourself, there is nothing people hate more than people who cant be themselves.
easy...first step into school.if all boyz starts staring at u..try 2 act hot,sexy,romanctic.if no1 looks at you nevermind.go and make so friends,talk to teacher.BUT REMEMBER DONT TRY TO B BOSY. people will h8 u tht way.if u hav no bf,find 1 n hav a night wit wit him,dont b too late coz high school boyz will leave u after 3 months n find another girl
Don't ask directions from an upperclassman. They'll direct you in the wrong way and make you real late for class. As gay as it sounds, ask a teacher.

If your school has an elevator, and someone offers to sell you an elevator key, don't buy it. elevators are only for handicapped.

The "pool" on the roof doesn't exist.

And if it looks, smells, or sounds fishy DON'T DO IT.
I'm starting High School on Thursday. I suggest that you just be yourself. If you haven't already, I think you should try and get involved in some kind of sport or activity, this way you can meet new people. Are any of your friends going to the same High School as you? You could plan to meet them at a certain spot on the first day so you aren't alone. Finally, I think you should try to make a really good impression towards your teachers. In the past, I've always been super nice to my teachers, even the ones I think are super weird. If I ever did something bad, they wouldn't ever suspect it from me. It was pretty cool.

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