1+1+1=1? Middle School?

Question:Today was our unofficial first day of middle school where we had to get from class to class then the teachers just talked to use a little, and it was a 3 hopur day. THe lessons start for us on tueasdat but my mathteacher asked us if anyone knew what 1+1+1= 1 means he said heed tell us in november but i wanna know!!!!

Logic: 1 or 1 or 1 is 1

In logic a plus (+) can mean "or" and a multiply symbol (*) can mean "and".

True or true or true is true

Note that the symbols are the reverse of what you would logically think. "And" is not "+", it is "*". "+" means "or".
Well if the 1+1+1=1 then the powers of 1 is to 0 so the zeros would cancel the ones.
This means it is time to get your calculator fixed!
i still dont see how its 1 if your adding them its 3. if i said 10+10+10=10 that wouldnt make sense.
Maybe in November you will start technical math.

As if the question were
"George has 5 oranges.
Maria has 10 apples.
Bob has 3 bananas.
If Bob traded George 1 banana for 2 oranges and Bob traded Maria 1 orange and 1 banana for 1 apple, how many apples would Bob have?"

Bob would have 1 orange. AND (+)
Bob would have 1 banana. AND (+)
Bob would have 1 apple. = 1 (apple)

That's the best guess I can come up with?
what it meens it probably meens that there is no such thing. Or he is trying to pull your leg so you can think what it meens. to be honest i never in my life heard such a thing he might be messing with you.

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