Awful at maths plz help?

Question:i really struggle at maths its my weakest subject by far im 14 years old and cant divide multiply add or subract properly in my head and its really aggravating what can i do?

us a calculator dummy
Ask your parents or another adult (math teacher) to tutor you.
Also get basic math books from the library. I recommend "The Easy Way" books.
get a tutor...ask a friend for help..or a teacher or parents
work hard youll get it
I know it sounds stupid, but Dr Kawashima's Brain Training 2 for Nintendo DS has really improved my ability to add up in my head. Try it out!
I had the same problem but my friend told me to go to this web( play atleast 5 mins per day. You can also take a math problems book where there are math equasions to do, but its a little bit boring. trust me Once you know how to do math properly on a sheat o paper or on your computer it will be easy to do all those things in your head and math will be your one of favourite subjects as it is to me and I use to be the worst in my entire grade!
get someone to tutor u- thats what i did for my friend before the exams a few years ago, i spent nearly every lunchtime for a week in the library helping her understand the stuff she had to know for the exams, and it worked too and she got a really good grade for it!
I have the same problem. I have straight A's only to have math ruin it. My suggestion (and what am going to be doing this year) talk to a. your teacher for this year if you can help him/her around the classroom and staying after school to help input grades and stuff and in exchange she/he could tutor you. Or if you have a teacher in the past that has really been there for you talk to them.
Honestly, parents can't help you. They forget most of these things unless they studied something that required lots of math skills they still use. Teachers are the best for these things because they deal with it on a almost daily bases.
Just remember in class take notes and listen.
Than try doing the exercise if you get stuck immediately go to your teacher don't stay quiet.
Thats what screwed me up. Ask questions.

Good luck :)

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