Advice for high school?

Question:yup, in only a few days is the big day! high school to make it short. to all the people who have been in high school and know how its like (which isn't too hard) , i'm going to need some help/ advice. I'm in major need of it. and i don't mean smart alecky advice,
just regular helpful advice and good to honest thoughts. thanks for the help! :)

Make good choices!

Every choice you make can influence your future. That doesn't mean don't have any fun. It just means be smart.

Also, don't follow the "crowd" when it comes to cliques. Five to ten years or even sooner, you'll see some of those "geeks" as some of the most attractive successful people, while some of those "popular" people are living life hard.

Follow your heart and head ... not someone else's.
Regular helpful advice? That's a little vague, but all I can say is study hard & play hard.

If you only study & don't go to dances, you'll regret it by senior year. It's best to balance work and fun so that you get a good feel for what high school is all about. Join a few clubs (not too many, you'll get swamped & it looks bad to ditch clubs) and be active in them. Make good friends who make good decisions and please, please, don't do drugs or alcohol. I've had friends make that choice & trust me, it's not a pretty sight.

Best of luck in high school!
come up with a new style maybe try to make some new friends high school is a jungle!!!
be yourself, sweetie thers nothing worse than having to fight through the whole hierachy of high school , if you try to change who you are just to fit in you begin to lose the essence of who you really are, see high school as an oppurtunity to make new friends, change your fashion style, get into activities , meet a few cute guys, and devdelop who you really are, one adviceNEVER ALLOW PEOPLE TO DEFINE YOU!!, be who you are, caring too much aboiut what people say wud only ruin you

take care
Ohh, Im in the same boat. Soo nervous..
Have fun; try new things e.g., a new sport, the school play, a student organization. High School is a time for figuring things out. In addition, start thinking about what you want to do after hight school and begin taking steps toward achieving your goals
High school is the time to mingle and NEVER EVER procrastinate when it comes to schoolwork. Join clubs and sports, get to know those around you. Go to the dances ! Don't be afraid. Take high school on. That was my mistake. I was too afraid.
Just relax. Then join different teams and clubs so that you can meet different people from different groups that you still have things in common with and can be friends with. It will really help you with the shyness to find something that you absolutely love, at least I found it easier to meet new people when I started joining teams and clubs.Then don't forget about your school work, make sure to get it done and take it relatively seriously. Just don't sweat the small stuff, that F you got on the test? No biggie your average is still a B+.Best of luck, I'm sure you'll be just fine

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