Any advice for a girl going into middle school?

Dont try to be popular, be nice, focus on your schoolwork.The same applies to high school and college.Have fun.
Yes, even though im not a girl, i know some things, middle school is a rough part of you life, if anyone picks on you, ignore it, or report it to the office, also, stay focused in class, don't do anything to get yourself in trouble, and you should be fine. Also, be prepared for whatever classes you have.
chill out

(same applies for when you're going to high school) :D
well the most important thing to know is that every thing around you will be changing and some people get a little scared/intimidated while others go along with it easily.. but a lot of people change friend groups so just make sure you hang out with the good kids and don't get too caught up in trying to act cool.. in the end the former middle school cool kids become the sluts that every one gets grossed out by..
don't try to become popular. Try your best. Ask questions if you are confused. Don't put things to the side. Be careful with your personal belongings people like to steal things. Always check your bag before you goto bed each night. If you want more tips e-mail me.
Be sure your studies get first priority -- but remember to have fun too! Always eat breakfast. Always go to sleep at a regular time. (This advice may seem silly to you but these are important lifelong habits!) You are no longer a child, and during middle school you will get to make more decisions for yourself. Do your best and you will learn who you are and what your strengths are. Don't worry too much about belonging to the 'in' crowd -- be yourself, be kind, be brave, be a good and loyal friend, and you will have the love and respect of your real friends for a long, long time.
Middle school isn't as much a big deal as high school is. It is only a tad harder. High school however is a big jump. If the 8th graders pull the "Upperclassman-I'm-better-than... stuff--just tell 'em you're a transfer or bug off. =] I wish you luck !
my advice? theres going to be TONS of drama. believe me, it annoying. dont let it get you down though, it'll pass just as easily as it came in most cases. also they'll be giving you PSI classes which is postponing sexual involvment or something like that. i remember going through that whole discussion with my class. it might seem embarassing at first but after a while there isn't much to giggle about. well thats all i can think of right now. just keep your head up high and dont let anyone or anything get you down. good luck!
6th grade was pretty cool for me. You get to do a whole lot of new stuff like you get lockers and 7-8 different teachers (depending on your school). You don't get recess, which wasn't a big deal to anybody in my school. Here are a couple tips so you don't bother the 7th & 8th graders:

1. DONT RUN TO YOUR CLASSES! There is no need for you to run at all unless you are extremely late. Running everywhere will just make you seem more like a franticky little 6th grader.

2. Don't act like your all that just because you're in middle school now. You really aren't any of that.

3. Don't smart off to the older kids, or try to say something to make you look smart or funny. You may be smart in your grade, but most of the older kids are smarter than you. And don't remind them of the rules or tell them not to be mean or anything, then they really get annoyed. Mostly, if you stay quiet around the older kids, occasionally talking about how you didn't like this teacher or something, then they will like you and take you under their wing.

4. Don't try to stand up to any of the older kids. There really aren't any bullies that take your lunch money or whatever, but some kids do like to use words to get to you. If someone is bothering you, don't try to act tough and stand up to them, go tell a teacher or write a statement in the dean's office.

5. Have fun and try not to get involved in a lot of drama. Trust me, theres a whole ton of drama in middle school, and if you steer clear of the drama queens, you'll be happy.

6. You're only like 12 years old. YOU DONT NEED TO START DATING YET. You may think you're mature enough, but you're really not. You have plenty of time in high school. Middle school "dating" is really just some kids who say they are going out, but really all they do is walk around, occasionally holding hands, but they never actually go on dates.

Well there you go, that's all the stuff I could think of that annoyed me about 6th graders last year. But that was just that particular 6th grade class, they usually aren't that terribly annoying. 7th graders will be ok with you, cuz they were you last year, but 8th graders seem to get more agitated about 6th graders, so just stay out of their hair. Have fun!

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