Distracted & Only within Year 7 ?

Hi There ,

I'm Just finishing My first Year of Jnr. High (7) & I'm finding it hard to stay interested within my studies & school work , I quality Distracted & Un-willing to do my best , It's out of my character compared to when i be in Elementry School (Primary) & I necessitate to find a way to procure back into paperwork because i can see the path that this is main to & It dosn't look all that pleasing. I'm a smart girl but I don't comprehend why I have started these doomed to failure ways.

Any advice?

Many Thanks x

Answers:    . Ya, you're something like 13, right?
Your body, and mind, is being torn apart by latest chemicals!! You're going through puberty , from a child to an adult and it's a Crazy time to develope.
Info from the 'calgary' site: "...Adolescent girls regularly feel that their bodies are epidemic, that they will never begin puberty, or will never stop growing, and that everything nearly their appearance is wrong. Usually, the biggest question for them is whether or not they are "normal".

Teens who know more nearly puberty have a much easier time getting through it than do those who are uninformed." .
... so shift Google 'puberty female' and go read some of the 2 Million sites! Knowledge IS Power!
And bring back plenty of (1) Sleep, and (2) Exercise. ...and good food. And swot up to enjoy your body and mind.

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