10th grade?

Question:school starts next week and im going to 10th grade. yea im not new but im scared as usual. cuz i always have mixed feelings before school. like i want it to start and i also dont. so idk! and is 10th grade harder then 9th?

yeah i'm going to 10th grade too, and I am worried becasue last year was a terrible year in terms of my grades and my focus, and I dont want it to be like that this year. So this year I have a plan and a system all planned out, and i'm hoping and praying that it works to get me through this year, because it can't be the same as last year. But I want school to start so that I can prove to myself I can do this. And also becasue I miss my friends. So good luck!
Every year is going to be harder than the next. You need to be changellaged as a young person. Just know that when 10th grade is over, you'll be smarter than you were in 9th grade. These are the best years of your life...have fun, and enjoy learning.

Good Luck Sweetie - you'll do fine.
im going into 10th also and i really dont give a $&#@. ur just a *****.
Yeah I know what you mean. I started school today. I mixed feeling especially since I am junior.
9th yr is almost like your easy yr. Not to much but gotta work harder.
10th yr is a lot of work and more drama.
Once you get to 11th grade you have a hold lot of work, equal to stressful class everyday, and preparing for big test.
feels the exact same as ninth grade

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