Are people more mature in high school?

Question:In general, are people more mature in high school than in middle school? I'm going into high school this year and I sure hope ppl are much more mature. In junior high, both guys and girls were just so immature and it got on my nerves constantly. Any better in high school?

No, high school is all cliquish. You're either "with us or not with us".

I found my middle school to be more mature.

You should try college classes if you can.

Although, most college students aren't mature anyway.

Maybe on Mars... if and only if...
Not really. It's the same drama, just with cars and better skin.
Not as far as I remember...I wouldn't go back if you paid me.
from films and television programs ive seen the answer is no
Some, but not a huge difference. You won't really see a big difference until you get to college. Something about paying tuition and being responsible for your own education that weeds out the immature..
i just started last wednsday and in my 3 day experience the answe is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...
you are constantly moving up with the people in your grade so if you think they are immature then you are stuck with them but remember you are the new kid in school this year and the maturity level of everyone else is going to be a lot higher than your own to the extent you may seem annoying to them like the younger kids in middle school did to you.
If U mean by the bullying,it doesn't always go away,it just lessons as high school goes on,or they just don't say it in your face as all that much as they do in junior high.
In a way, Yes, but mostly may think your classmates are immature and silly acting.well guess what...the older kids think you are the same matter what.

Just be yourself instead of trying to seem "mature and grown". You have plenty of time for that...and when you actually become an will wish you could go back to those times of being a kid..i sure do at times...
there is not that much of a difference between 8th grade and 9th grade. they all are pretty immature(at least for my school). it also gets worse in some areas like drugs and alchohol. i bet you will get used to it soon... sorry if this is not ur prefered answer but its true.
well im in high school now.. 11th grade this year.. there is alot of drama in high school!! alot of times people tend to think they are so much more mature than they are and that makes them even more inmature. your best bet is to make some new friends who ,when drama comes, will not get too involved in it. and they will help you not to get involved in it also. its only 4 years tho and it goes by so fast so before you know it, it wil be over and dont worry. it will get better eventually
some are, some are not, some will never be!
I hope so because some kids can be so mean, and immature!
Lol, a little. Don't let anything dissuade you from a good education, though.
Keep this in mind.even adults act assinine at times, lol. It gets better as you get older, though.
No and Yes..Socially No lots of Drama, and Gossip but Academically they have to be more mature to get into a good college...I saw more fights in high school than middle school
not really...the girls grow up a little, but the guys are still immature
technically we're meant to be, but no not really- u'll get used to it eventually tho, so it shouldnt be too bad

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