Are middle school is really needed?

Question:I graduated in gradeschool when i was 11 year old and now im a sophomore highschool at the age of 12 if im going to migrate in USA do i need to go back in middle or not? beacuse i was already a highschool student so middle school nescessary to students?

"are middle school is really needed?"

Well English is needed
You will take a test to asses your knowledge. Other countries education does not compare to that of the US. Due to you age you will most likely be in middle school.

Elementary Kindergarten-5th (ages 5-11)
Middle School 6th-8th (ages 12-14)
High School 9th-12th (ages 15-18)

(all ages are approximate)
no its not needed because i learned all the stuff crappy middle stuff again in highschool
What grade are you in? Does your school go from grade 6 to 12, and you're calling it "high school"? Middle school in the USA can also be called "junior high school." Don't worry about what the school is called, you just need to be in the right grade. If you're in 6th or 7th grade now, that's where you'll go... you won't go into the 10th grade in an American school just for the sake of being in an institution called "high school."

Hope that helped!
you'll get assessment once you go to your new school to figure out what grade you'll be in...

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