I am running for Student Body President this year. I need suggestions on how to win. I go to private school. ♥

Question:Is there a way to act. I am pretty respectable.
I consider myself pretty and a smart young person.
Is there anyway to get a hold of voters of all grades?

Plz offer any suggestion and please no bad things. Thank you!

I am assuming that since you go to a private school, everyone pretty much knows everyone. The thing is there is not a certain way to act. If there is then that's called being fake in which people like me do not vote for fake people. But one thing you do have to do is be able to get along with everyone. As far as campaigning goes, you really need to be able to associate and interact with everyone (that can vote). If you have issues with some people and just can't talk to them or interact, then that is probably going to keep you from being president. But if everyone knows you as a fun person, and kind, and all that good stuff then you are more likely to get elected. Just remember not to be fake.
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