Are these good gcse grades?


**** yea.

and you should know you predicted grades if there above them then yes
yes of course they are what are you even asking for?
you know they are =/
i mean

Is that what you wanted??
now come on no-one likes a show off! lol

well done
i would ask r u stupid but obvisouly not.
Yes they are. If I got those grades when I did my GCSE's 9 years ago, i'd have been a very happy bunny, not like mine were crap or anything!!
Congratulations and well done.

You don't need our reasurance.
yer a lot batter then mine but i think this is your way of showing off and not everyone likes a show off.
you know those are good.
what did you want? "awww of course those are good, you're so smart"
obviously you didnt take a GCSE in common sense
yes and you know they so don't come back here again

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