Any advice on starting grade 9/highschool for me? plz, im kinda nervouse =|?

Question:im not that shy,yet not that outgoing either, to start off what should i do? what do i need ? any situations that will help me that you know of?

I'm going to be a senior this year (yipes!) and throughout highschool have noticed some unwritten rules that if someone had told me before hand would have made the whole high school transition a lot easier.

1. DON'T gossip - Even if your just venting to your best friend. It will get around and ruin your reputation. Plus you don't know how twisted that rumor can get and if it gets majorly dirty or something you can get suspended.
2. Do your homework the night it gets assigned or better yet in downtime during classes you have later that day. You sometimes have classes with a lot of empty time. Don't use the entire time to chat with your friends, finish the homework you got earlier that day. I'm an honor student and sometimes I would come home with no homework because of this. Just trust me putting off homework will come back to haunt you.
3. Get involved. Go to all the major sports game and pep rallies or better yet be in them. Join a sport or club or start one. School will be way better if you do.
4. Seniors- respect them. I'm not just saying that because I am one. They are the top dogs, they know all the ins and outs. As such they can be your most valuable asset or your worst enemy.
5. Get good grades now, that way at the end of four years colleges will be paying you to come to their school with scholarships.
6. Don't get involved with drama. I recommend not dating until Junior year but its up you and your parents.
7. Be best friends with your parents- I know right now is like the hardest time to get along with them but if you get close and always respect their rules they loosen up a ton. For example my parents trust me so much I don't have a curfew but in return I don't do anything stupid while I'm out late and always tell them where I'm going and what time I plan to be home.
every ones nervous but its just normal your not shy so Yul be all right and try something new join some clubs so you can get to know more people
In a way you have an advantage. You don't want to be a wallflower but you don't want to be the centre of attention. The best thing you can do is sit back and observe for a while. By doing this you can easily see what the dynamics of the school are, what the clicks are and you can see the group(s) where you will feel most comfortable and who you will fit in with the most. Try not to jump right into a group that leans towards one particular thing (e.g. goth, skateboarders, jocks etc.), this will limit you and probably label you into that particular group, not that that is a bad thing but like I say, it will limit you. But the best thing is to BE YOURSELF! You won't be happy if you conform to something or someone just to fit in. Don't worry, you'll do fine. And make sure you have fun (but not too much)!
**I would highly recommend joining a school sport like volleyball or swim. You make instant friends on the team, and you can hang out with them at lunch and stuff.
plus you get to be known around school as part of the "swim team" or "volleyball team" if you don't know how to play a sport , the school usually will have a program that will teach you.

*but if sports aren't your thing their are clubs you can join
again i would recommend
drama club-this is a great club to meet fun people and become more outgoing
Asb- is fun also, and you meet alot of people, but you have to dedicate most after school hours to it so it kinda sucks

remember the freshmen at your school are in the same boat as you are and are nervous too.
& the upperclassmen have been in your shoes before and know what it is like.
more then likely the SENOIRS=] will tease and call the newbees freshy or scrub, but that will die down after like 2 weeks

in your normal class just be friendly with everyone, ask them questions to break the ice, like
do you have so and so
or where the heck is room 35?
to get more personal with some one come out and ask
omg! i love your freakin shoes! where did you get them!
aawww your hair is so pretty where did you get it done at?
most of the girls will coming back to school with new stuff and they are dieing for someone to compliment them

smile and laugh, people like to be around happy people
you will get to be known as that really nice girl

the first day is going to go by so fast
and the next week is going to go by faster

the number one rule not to do is:
it comes right back to you in the end and the whole school will hate you

The work load is more then j high, but its not hard, theres just more work to get done

o yeah ,and be nice to your teachers, and show them respect even though they seem like mean jerks ,because in the end they will help you and they will give you that grade
-vollenteer in class sometimes, teachers like that

be yourself, and you will have a tottally fab year.
well I'm gonna be in the 8th grade but my sis will be a junior, she said the only freshman's she saw that didn't do so well was be jerks to the seniors, and treating everyone like crap, and acting like they are all that, so just be nice to everyone and things will fall into place

good luck! = )

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