Any ideas on how to survive my first day of high school as a freshman?

Question:I really need some. I am scared out of my mind.

If you're brand new to the school (missed orientation), it would be good to start at the office. Often, high schools will have student helpers available to assist you, at least with navigating the building.

As to the social aspect, you'll make mistakes. It's that simple. Being a freshman, sadly, it's best to mostly ask questions of other freshmen - there's still a stupid pecking order at many high schools. However, I've found as a substitute teacher that a polite hello, can you help me?, or just a nod with a slight smile will get you in with most students and staff.

First days can suck, but only if you let them. You belong in your school. Show gentle confidence in yourself, and you should be fine. Best of luck to you.
It's not as bad as it seems. Don' think it's like on TV, it's really not. No body really cares if you are a freshman. Plus you will have your friends there with you.

Just make sure you know where your classes are and try to be on time!!
be sure to bring a notebook, pen/pencil, folder, to copy down all the supplies you need or homework from each teacher, and to hold those forms you usually get on the first day.
be polite to the teachers and other students.
be sure to wear comfortable running shoes or sneakers for at least the first day or so. trust me you will be walking around the school like crazy with your nose staring at the scehdule. so just to be safe when going up those stairs and not tripping don't wear platforms or anything like that.
try and make new friends. and get connected to the people you already know.
what to wear? wear nice new comfortable clothes that are bit fancier than what you normally wear to school.
make sure the clothes are clean the day before(but check to see that the clothes are appropiate for the school dress code)
pay attention on the first day to the teachers. you'l;l understand the teachers reaquirements, expectations, test formats, difficulty, homework loads etc. of the class
be sure to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning!
and don't forget to bring a lunch or money.
bring all the school supplies from the list you recieved from the school.. if you got one.
prepare everything the night before! put your clothes out and your already packed back pack and mkae your lunch too.
go to bed early and wake up at least an hour (even earlier if you tkae the bus) before school starts so you'll have time to get ready and be there on time.
and if you don't know where a class is ... just ask a student that looks seemingly older and looks confident as to where they are going. or you could ask a teacher.
figure out if you are walking/ driving/ carpooling/riding a bus to and from school
start with a clean slate... if you were always the kid that had their homework eaten by the dog.. be espcially careful of your homework... this way you'll make a good impression on the teacher.. and you'll look like the healthy comptetion your fellow students need.
try and get to each class on time... but if you are a min or so late after the bell.. the teacher won't give you a detention or anything .. b/c it's your first day!
bring a sweater in case one of the classrooms is heavliy air conditioned
wear a watch (it makes me feel secure for some reason...)
before you leave the house to go to school.. always do a quick mirror check.. to make sure your shirt isn't inside out or anything
when you walk in the hallways between classes.. try to go with the flow of traffic.. it's really hard to walk into a crowded group of students going the other way!
write down your locker combo and keep it in your pocket.. in case you forget it
don't carry all of your books for all of your classes at the same time. figure out when you can make a quick stop at your locker between classes
if you have any questions about the school you could ask an upperclassman or a teacher
use your free period / study hall class wisely! get some homework done
don't cheat on homework... test, quizes! it's common sense!
find what after school clubs you could od
bring a (small) lucky charm and keep it in your pocket if you want
have fun and everything will be ok... i've probably seen at least 50 questions asking about the first day of school jitters
lol.. so you aren't the only one
hey my first day of school is tomorrow as well so i'm just as nervous as you are.
Kill yourself before school starts.
[hahahahahah jk!]

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