8th grade?

Question:Okay im starting skewl sept. 12th which is next week im an 8th grader and i go 2 a private skewl so i wear stupid UNIFORM! but i want 2 look ttly deifferent 4rm last year but i dont wanna look snobby last year i never wore any acessories or anything and i want 2 look different so i was wondering u ppl could give me some ideas on wat 2 wear with mi uniform! and like how i should do mi hair and things that would make me look different 4rm last year HAHAHA i already said that twice but anyways HELP! and thx 4 helping if u do!

i suggest wearing i colorful headband which still matches ur ooutfit and wear earings ..earings always bring attention to the face and make it seem less dull..necklace brings attention to how different ur outfit is 4rm evry1 elses and that helps make peoplle notice hmm i like that style maybe i should try 2 do that since it is uniformed....and bracelets that make noise and are shiny bring hell of attention to ya and wear some lipgloss and eye shadow if u can like ur accesorys dont always have to match the uni. but if u dont match them with the outfit then have evry accesory match and make sure make-up matches accesories......o and have a cute different purse evry day or week ......hope i helped..and ur typing is fine its called chat..:)......
I feel bad that your parents pay for you to spell like that. Where your hair straightened and down.
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I just wanted to reply to that.

Just because you are rich does not mean you are happy, money doesn't bring happiness to everybody. Sure he's funny and all, that's great but deep down I'm sure he is really hurting and sad. I just hope he gets the help he needs so he can truly be happy.

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