Back to school help!?

Question:my brother got moved to another school (carleton middle school) and they never sent the packet wiith forms for preregistration and preregistration is in 6 days! HELP!!

A parent or guardian needs to go to either the new school & let them know what happened. or go to the district admin building and tell them there what happened.

I would go the the new school first since it's probably closer. But both places should have the list of all students and have copies of the packets/ forms for registration.
Your mother should go to the school that was suppose to send them and get them personaly and take them to the new school.
you should go to the school and get it.
he could always just go to pre-registration- my school doesn't care when you show up, as long as you show up during the two days they have it. and if you can't show up during the twos days, you just contact the school and set up a different time, so don't worry about it. ;-)

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