Any tips for a high-school freshman?

Question:I start high-school Monday ( as a freshman). Does anybody have any good advice & or tips? Thanks :)

Don't be late to class and you'll be fine.
Just do not worry about it i know you are and everyone is but i went through high school smoothly. Just be yourself and what not.
Stay away from the seniors and the upperclassmen cafeteria. Don't ask them for directions to a classroom' ask a teacher.
Have fun & explore what your high school has to offer.
Have fun, but pay close attention in class. You don't want to ruin your grades by having too much fun.
hey just relax, be calm. just be yourself. if you want to make some friends, you can join in some after school activites and make sure you keep on track of your homework. don't get behind though.
Well, starting high school is possibly one of the greatest experiences ever. I'd say not to dress too flashy for the first day. Also, don't be shy. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible (preferably people that look nice). That way if God forbid you make a bad impression, you'll have lots of other people you can talk to later. And as difficult as it may seem, try not to stay attached to your junior high friends all day. Get out there, and socialize with new people. Other than that, listen to your teachers, don't be late, and if you must ask for help getting to a class, ask a teacher in the hallway. Oh, and if you had summer homework make sure you take it, but don't take any textbooks with you since you probably won't get lockers for a while. I hope you have a great first day. Good luck!
Have fun your freshman and sophomore year. Once junior year rolls around, you'd wish you had had fun. Don't get too caught up with school work and make new friends. Just be yourself and you'll be fine.
do lots of research on which teachers to take and which to avoid your 1st year. It'll make choosing classes the next 3 years a lot easier
try hard in your classes i didnt and i regret it
do a club or sports so you can meet new people
You shouldn't worry too much, and just stay away from the seniors. Find a sport to join, join clubs (choose one or two you'll really stick to), make new friends, get a good routine going for school, find a balance between free time and school work, and make sure you keep your grades up. You'll find out that sophomores are pretty friendly and can give you tips for classes you'll have next year. Freshman year will be the most free time you'll have in high school. You probably won't get as much free time again until your senior 2nd semester. So enjoy your freshman year!

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