Any of you do the homework in the class?

Question:I heard many high school students saying that they do homework at school i mean in the class or after the class is done, in the study hall, library, and even the bus. and some students do it at the morning or early at school!

guys any of you who do SO, can you please tell me which school are you going to because i don't wanna be going to a high school that gives way much homework and all...

i will be in michigan btw! please any of u who do ur homework that way tell me ur school or recommend a school that allows kids to do homework in the school and don't give much homework so that i be like u!

GOD bless u!

It really depends how well you listen, how your understanding of the material is, and how fast your teacher can get through the curriculum for the day. If you understand how to do it, you can do the work while your teacher is still teaching. If they teach fast, and you have time left over, take the time to do your homework. Finish it in class, that way you'll have more free time at home.
I go to a school in Northwest Indiana. Basically, the amount of homework depends on your courses and the teacher. Like, my AP stat teacher gives a lot of homework, but that's just him. He gave a lot of homework last year as when I took Algebra 2. My other teachers don't give much homework.

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