Anyone who has taken Precal, can you please help me out?

Question:ok this year I am taking honors algebra 2, should I double up an take pre cal also, is it a hard class?

No. Algebra II gets to be really difficult towards the end "when you start doing trig. You would be way over loaded, and some of the skills that you learn at the end of Algebra II are necessary in Analysis (PreCal). Algebra II is usually a prerequisite to Analysis, so there is a chance your guidence counsellors may not allow it.

Taking Analysis would put you in an overly stressful condition and you would have to get a lot of help outside of class to learn what you need to just to get started on the Analysis. With your schedule, I would say that you have a workload ahead of you, so don't overdo it.

If you want to double up on your math, I would reccomend taking Stats and Probability or Consumer Math. Both are simpler and do not require excess knowledge.

Good Luck
I would not suggest it.
Definitely do NOT take pre-calc while you are taking algebra 2 because there are fundamental concepts that need to learn first in algebra 2 and later use in pre-calc. Also, pre-calc is a very hard class and I would not recommend adding it to your already hard course selection.
OK, I would not suggest it either because there are things that you will learn in Algebra II that you will need to know for pre-cal. I'm guessing you are in high school; have you talked to the school counselor about this? Algebra II may be a prerequisite for pre-cal, which means you can't take pre-cal until you have completed Algebra II.

Certainly there is another class you can take to round out your year. You should have a math, a science, an English/literature, a social studies/government, a foreign language (unless you have already completed at least two years of one), some sort of fine art (band, music, photography, art, etc.), and something physical (PE, athletics). Even a computer type of class would be good.
well pre cal is a lot harder. n i wouldn't recommend taking it unless you're one of those types of students that is responsible and can handle taking to math classes and if you're the type of student that asks questions when you don't understand something i would say go ahead and take it but just remember ur gunna be under a lot more pressure

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