After the first day of school..?

Question:So today was the first day of school..high school at that 9th grade youngest yeah. so most of my classes are with people that are fine just...are not my type of friends are stuff. i feel pressured and liek i will hate it hate it andi feel like i should enjoy high school. of course the stress of first day is coming but i really cnat get over the fact thinking all these people are weird i mean i dotn want the commom "make new friends" cuz i know all these people and stuff just i need somethnig to cheer me up about this all. i need something positive out of htis..any help?

Try to make the classes relevant to your interests. If English, write about essays you are actually interested in. In History, turn it to a subtopic of your interest. Keep reading fun books at home, so you have that to look forward to, after school. Do volunteer work, if that'll give variety to your life, too.

Good luck!
Don't be stressed out, cause it just makes you feel worse. In regards to making friends, you should be yourself and you'll look more confident to people, and then you can choose the people you want to be friends with.
Good luck!
my 1stday of high school felt like any other day at school.. it didn't really matter to me.. just goto my classes and listen!

to be honest.. i only managed one semester..
and dropped out the next..

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